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Phoenix Project

Backyard Redesign

Phoenix, AZ

Our mission was to breathe new life into an outdated pool and backyard within the constraints of a semi-limited budget. Our first task involved resurfacing the pool, opting for a transformation that included the application of a fresh layer of mini pebble and the incorporation of vibrant glass blue tiles. This not only revitalized the pool aesthetically but also enhanced its overall functionality.

In addition to the pool makeover, we addressed the overall landscaping of the property. We undertook a comprehensive irrigation overhaul, eliminating outdated systems and ensuring efficient water distribution. The removal of unsightly cacti and overgrown plants paved the way for the introduction of fresh and modern specimens, contributing to a renewed outdoor ambiance.

Acknowledging the importance of exterior illumination, we also revamped the outdoor landscape lighting. By strategically placing fixtures and incorporating energy-efficient solutions, we not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space but also ensured its safety and usability during evening hours.

To complete the holistic transformation, we turned our attention to the patio, introducing a new travertine hardscape. This not only elevated the aesthetic quality of the outdoor space but also provided a durable and stylish foundation for various outdoor activities. In the end, our efforts resulted in a rejuvenated pool and backyard that harmoniously blend modernity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

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